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Septic Inspections

Make sure your systems are up to code with septic inspections, installation, and repair from Mumford Services in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. We have the industry experience and knowledge to assist you.

Town Septic Inspections

Many towns in Rhode Island have wastewater ordinances that require property owners to maintain their septic systems. At Mumford Services we have several licensed inspectors that are qualified to do the town inspections. Our inspectors will come to your site and perform a complete and thorough maintenance inspection. After the inspection, our company will submit all necessary paperwork and reports to the corresponding town.

Real Estate Septic Inspections

It is very important in this day and age to have a septic system inspected any time a real estate transaction occurs at a property. It is very important to know if the septic is working the way it should be or if there are any issues you should know about before closing on a property. Many banks will require this before a closing on a property. Mumford Services is licensed to conduct a real estate inspection on a septic system. The first part of a Mumford Services inspection will consist of filling in a form recommended by the State of Rhode Island. This form asks many questions about the septic tank and the condition of the leach field. The second part of this inspection will consist of a flow test. During a flow test water is run into the septic system to test the capabilities of the system. This amount of water is usually 60-75 gallons per bedroom.

Septic Repairs

From broken covers to system failures, Mumford Services can take care of your repair. We have two licensed DEM Designers and Installers on staff. They are both qualified from start to finish. They enroll in continuing education classes at the University of Rhode Island to be certain they stay up to date with the newest technology in the industry.

Installations Made Easy

Let our experts install your septic system so you don't have to worry about it. Call (401) 295-8505 for a quote. Additionally, if you already have an approved, engineered design, we can certainly provide a quote for installation.