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Septic Pumping

Septic pumping for residential properties to large commercial facilities.

Keep a functional home or business with septic pumping from the experts at Mumford Services in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Our company offers complete septic services, and will be able to complete your job on time and at an affordable price. We service more than 8,000 customers in Southern Rhode Island, including residential, commercial, and industrial accounts.

Septic Pumping services

Most Septic tanks need pumping every 1-5 years depending on usage. Some local towns have ordinances in place that require owners to pump their septic tanks every 3 years. The reason for pumping septic tanks is to remove the solids that have collected over time and to prevent them from entering into the leach field. Cesspools should be emptied annually.

Please click the link for information about Septic System Maintenance from URI.